NPM Print has been building its reputation as a manufacturer of lottery tickets since 1993. Our partners include lottery organizers from 17 countries all around the world. Our activities are distinguished by our persistent scientific approach to the organization of the production process, our flexibility, and premium quality products.

Nowadays, however, the technological and quality-related standards of lottery ticket production are a milestone long surpassed by our company, as well as by a number of other producers.

Therefore, the primary goal is to exploit the full potential of the distribution networks of lottery organizers. In other words, one of the marketing challenges continuously faced by lottery organizers today is developing and producing a product that would ensure highly successful realization through existing networks and address the maximum possible number of consumers. This means that a lottery product should be appropriately diversified in order to attract the interest and to satisfy the needs of the various categories of consumers participating in a lottery. Lottery games are sought after by individuals of all ages with different social, educational and professional backgrounds. This fact preconditions the diversity of the interests and motives of the players for participating in a lottery. Naturally, lottery organizers need to consider individual consumer behaviour and to present a product that would be most appealing to the participants. The logical outcome is thus a solution that would incorporate lottery tickets differing in their gaming content, as well as appearance (design, size). The above solution requires the development of a lottery game set (i.e. a set of 3-5 game types).

There is no question that the speed of realization of different games is not identical and the tasks of the organizer and the producer include continuous replenishment with the aim of supplying the vendor network with sufficient volumes of specific lottery tickets. In this respect, the producer should have the adequate technology to flexibly produce and deliver the required assortment of lottery tickets. Otherwise, the organizer would be forced to keep buffer supplies of the product at its storage facilities and to tackle all the drawbacks arising therefrom.

A lottery product should be user-friendly and adapted to the realization conditions of the particular network.

Lottery tickets are sold through various retail networks, which may include specialised daily use product networks (e.g. newsagent and tobacconist shops, etc.), service provider distribution networks (e.g. banks, post offices), as well as specialised lottery product vendor networks. Each of these networks is distinguished by its own specific features, technological equipment, and different personnel qualification and service standards. For example, banks and post offices have access to uniform database exchange networks, automated product movement and cash management systems, and offer highly qualified staff.

Nonetheless, the high work intensity and quality standards place adequate requirements on the lottery product itself: i.e. barcodes for automated processing, corresponding allocation of winnings, lottery product themes and design.

On the other hand, specialised vendor networks limit the number of tickets per batch and place a series of other requirements in relation to promotion posters and leaflets. On the part of the organizer, however, the major considerations are retaining an economic advantage and securing the product against non-sanctioned access to information on prizes. Economic considerations involve the price of the product, its delivery, storage and dispatch to the distribution network. In addition, the product must comply with all the requirements of the legislation of the particular country, on the territory of which the lottery is operated.

The above outlined approach constitutes our corporate code of practice, as well as a system of requirements on the design and development of lottery products, technological advancement and interaction with our partners.