Our company specialises in the manufacture of lottery tickets for instant and drawing lotteries. Our long-year experience and state-of-the-art technology are a guarantee of premium quality products.

NPM Print exports lottery tickets to EU member countries and it also supplies the Russian market.

We produce lottery tickets for networks with automated betting and winning validation systems (online, offline), as well as for networks with manual sale and winning validation processing.

Development of lottery tickets Development of lottery tickets Development of lottery tickets

The following processing and control elements are used in the above sample lottery ticket specimens:

  • Ticket serial number (i.e. 001-0000001-029 where 001 is the lottery number, 0000001 is the lottery pack number, and 029 – is the ticket number in the particular pack);.
  • Variable letter control code of winning (i.e. C, N, P);.
  • Unique control code of game combination (i.e. 694587375),.
  • Control code of game combination (i.e. 652277),.
  • Reverse side of ticket: duplicate of ticket serial number and unique barcode for automated processing.

        !NEW TECHNOLOGY: Three colour imprint of variable information on tickets replicating game symbol signatures by means of micro text!

We provide comprehensive solutions:

- Design, development and regular on-demand delivery of lottery tickets in sets and volumes according to the requirements of various consumers groups and vendor networks and at fixed prices;

- Development of PRIZE STRUCTURES AND DESIGN PROJECTS for tickets oriented at specific target groups that are customised to concrete networks without any mental or target overlap and thereby guarantee maximum instant lottery profit;

- Assessment of the realization potential (anticipated profit) of lotteries, vendor networks, instant lotteries as a whole, as well as of the potential of the national market, which is essential for efficient decision making;

- SOFTWARE for the MONITORING of the SALES of lottery tickets, as well as recommendations aimed at lottery product improvements;